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"Our new website through ezTask has been great! It has been an invaluable tool to help us communicate with parents, our students, and the community. The number of hits on our site is amazing - people look forward to the pictures we post, check the calendar of events daily, and enjoy reading the news about all the great things our students are doing. Not only is the website easy to maintain but the ezTask customer service is outstanding!!!"
Sarah Didine, Director of Curriculum, Hughes Springs ISD

"ezTask is a great company that provides superior support. It is truly a relationship with ezTask, not just buying a product."
James Watson, Network Manager, Spring ISD

"Communication with parents is an integral part of a school's success. Doerre Intermediate parents are excited to be able to check the campus website to see what is coming up in the future at Doerre or to read the online newsletter. They appreciate having the teachers' websites to check for homework, see what lessons were covered in class on a particular day or to help guide their child in planning for long-range projects. Teachers have great flexibility in the nature and extent of information that can be provided for students and parents. After years of using a telephone homework system with many limitations, netStartGold has been a great addition to Doerre's toolbox."
Kay Dawdy, Principal, Klein ISD

"I’m the Superintendent, Principal and Technology Coordinator all rolled into one. Our teachers were trained in Microsoft FrontPage before I came to Wildorado ISD and each time they tried to change their sites, they accidentally changed the district website as well. I was so busy that I didn’t have much time to update the district site and every teacher’s site. Plus, I had to learn FrontPage. I think it was frustrating for everyone. Wildorado ISD started using netStartClass. This web-based service has assisted Wildorado ISD in two major ways, saving teachers’ time, and preserving our dollars without spending an extreme amount of money on expensive web-server upgrades that would only give us (me) more grief (updating and monitoring). Come visit us at: www.wildorado.net and see what a great job George and John have done for us!”
John-Paul Huber, Superintendent, Wildorado ISD

“This new initiative is going to allow us to let campus personnel be responsible for managing their website content and keeping it current. Before, it was too much for one webmaster to keep the district site up to date and also keep 28 campus sites current. Now he can concentrate on just the district site.”
James Watson, Network Manager, Spring ISD

"This program is wonderful! It saves us so much time. The ezTask program is very easy to use and allows the schools to update their Websites themselves. Now, the Websites better portray the personality of each school and ensures that the information posted on the site is more current."
Renee Newman, Software Administrator, Spring ISD

“I am responsible for keeping our school website updated and going. I have found that ezTask is a wonderful tool for doing so. Thank you for a great service.”
Cristal Isaacks, Levelland ISD

“We are very pleased with the product. We are using it for our entire website as well as our teacher web pages. Our teachers are able to learn how to manage their website very easily with the tools. Our district webmaster likes it since the management can be distributed to various department staff members. George is great to work with and provides fast and excellent technical support.”
James Watson, Network Manager, Technology Dept., Spring ISD

“I am thrilled that our website is proving to be a highly valuable communication tool.“
Colette, Leander ISD

“We in Ferris ISD just want to say "thank you" for all of your hard work on our new website. I wish that we would have found you years ago. We are extremely pleased with the product that you have delivered. I also want to thank John for his hard work in getting us set up so promptly. John also did an excellent job training our staff. Each person trained is comfortable and confident in their ability in updating their site.”
Mike Bodine, School Superintendent, Ferris ISD

"We have all of our classrooms online with valuable information for our parents; the wonderful support and training provided to our teachers really made the difference.”
Mae Hornsby, Principal, Spring ISD

"As the administrator of a private school, it is extremely important that communication to parents and prospective students’ parents be effective. Effective means timely, up to date and easy to use. Our community expects a professional and informative website. Nothing is more informative than what can be provided by the teachers: homework assignments, assignment calendars, field trip information and the like. netStartClass has provided our teachers with an extremely easy way to reach our parents and students. Before we installed netStartClass our website was frequently out of date and always cumbersome to manage. Without a full time webmaster it was impossible to keep our site current and accurate. I now hear compliments every day from parents and the parents of prospective students about how impressed they are with our website. netStartClass was the solution to our web needs!"
Malcolm Smith, Jr., Director, Calvary Episcopal School

"netStartClass is an excellent solution for giving teachers of all skill levels a presence on the web. The product allows for developing a simple information site to a more robust site used as an instructional tool. Truly, if a teacher can type and navigate to find a file on a computer they can quickly begin using netStartClass. It is a great solution for the Early Tech to Target Tech educator.”
Nettie Briggs, District Instructional Technology Teacher, Klein ISD

“Our website was recently redone by ezTask. The most important reason for using ezTask was their content management tool that allows us to distribute the management of the website content to the owners of the content. Public information owns the home page and a few other common pages, but the rest of the site is managed by individual departments and divisions. We do not have a web master and do not have people asking us to change their pages. The redesign of the look was a secondary consideration to obtaining the content management tool. Region 4 ESC staff is happier because they have control over their information and do not have to wait for someone else to make changes. Great people to work with. Highly recommend their Web design and content management tool. And we get no commission for saying so!!!”
Bob Baker, Director, Technology Services, Region 4 Education Service Center

“Everything we do is weighed in terms of its impact on the kids. I think that programs like this can help them be more productive; to help them communicate and share information more easily. Everything is moving to a web-based interface that’s interactive, and learning these tools is critical to their future success.”
Terry Harlow, Director, Region 14 Education Service Center

“Looks good. Thanks. We are getting a good response on the new site.”
Terri Nation, Klein Inranet

“Just wanted to let you know that we got our site up and running and have gotten nothing but good comments so far. I really appreciate all the work and great service.”
Kevin Stoker, Hawley ISD

“Thank you both for your continued support and assistance as our campuses work with your product. I have heard nothing but "Thank you's" from principals and campus webmasters.”
Jon Peters, Web Programmer, Aldine ISD

“AWESOME!! You guys are the absolute best to work with.”
Marci, Lake Dallas ISD

“We are really using the website for way more than I ever thought!! I’m asked on a weekly basis if we can do ‘this’ or ‘that’ on the website and I love to be able to say, 'Of course!'"
Connie Morris, Burnet County
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