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We help cities, municipalities, and local government entities create websites that promote economic development and growth.
City of Pasadena
Truly a valuable resource, the City of Pasadena website makes it easy to learn about this vibrant community. With intuitive "I Want To..." navigation features and a modern design, residents quickly adopted and relished the website as an information hub and link to their city. 

City of Piney Point Village
Piney Point is a beautiful place to live, and it has a beautiful website to match! Anyone seeking information, whether it be prospective businesses or happy residents, find the website to be an invaluable tool. Residents can utilize the website to find answers and resources they seek, including digital forms, a city-wide calendar, and an online payment portal. 

City of Freeport
Visitors and residents can find out a lot about the beautiful coastal city of Freeport, Texas from their new netStartEnterprise™ municipal website. Seeking employment with the city? Want to locate parks and water sports areas? Contact the various public works departments? Do it all from the city's stunning website.  

Village of Surfside Beach
"The coastal community that cares," provides a website with a unique design that reflects the laid-back atmosphere of the Texas beach town. Powered by netStartEnterprise™, the site serves as an information hub with everything from city and local government information to insiders' guides for exploring the town to the fullest.

Any member of the city's staff is able to update web content with ease using ezTask's Content Management System (CMS), so residents and visitors are always kept involved and up-to-date.

City of Alvin
Municipalities make extensive use of their websites these days. It is essential that people are able to find out information and even pay fines and fees online. The City of Alvin, Texas had a website with an unexciting design and that was extremely slow to load and very difficult to update. In June 2007, the city was pleased to unveil a brand new website powered by the netStartEnterprise™ CMS.

Now, the website can be updated anytime, and multiple people can manage their own sections of the site using the ezTask Work Flow Management module.

Burnet County
Burnet County, Texas, had a website that was difficult to update. When the county decided to implement a new netStartEnterprise™ website, that problem was no more! Visitors can find a wealth of information about county business, including jobs available, public works updates, court dates and much more.

Technology Director Connie Morris says, “Keeping the site up-to-date is easy now, and a lot less time consuming, which is great considering all the other things I have to do. I’m even able to assign certain sections of the site to other people, and training them on the [netStartEnterprise™ CMS] was easy.”

City of Pasadena
Pasadena, Texas is a hardworking city located just southeast of Houston, not far from the Gulf of Mexico. Webmaster Wayne Holt has built an outstanding website using ezTask's netStartEnterprise™ Content Management System (CMS). Holt says that the "I want to…" navigation system is a terrific feature, as visitors can instantly find out information concerning the most asked-about city services. Another, he mentions, is the effective use of ezTask's handsome calendars.

City of Columbus

Conveniently located within reasonable distance from the legendary Texas towns of San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Galveston, the City of Columbus is ideal for those looking to do business or to get away from it all. The city was looking for a way to showcase its charm to visitors and prospective businesses, and it found a perfect solution in its netStartEnterprise™ website. In addition to a simple and natural beauty, the town boasts award-winning schools and an impressive athletic history, as well as excellent medical care.

Columbus has a dedicated economic development website powered by netStartEnterprise™ as well.

Economic Development: City of Rosenberg
Located just 35 miles southwest of the big city of Houston, Rosenberg provides the conveniences of urban life alongside all the charms of small town living. Rosenberg is proud of its rich history and citizens enjoy everything from numerous active sports leagues to a passel of well-tended parks and a beautiful civic center. The city makes good use of its netStartEnterprise™ website, providing visitors with a wealth of information about taking their businesses to the city.

City of Harlingen
Emergency management information, employment facilitation, calendars of events, and archives of meeting minutes are only the beginning of what this website provides to citizens of the capital of the Rio Grande Valley. Using the netStartEnterprise™ CMS, everyone from the city manager to the administration secretary is able to keep web content dynamic and citizens in the know.

Tourism guides are available for visitors, zoning information and city reports are available for citizens and prospective businesses, and city personnel can easily access important information and download critical forms.

EWI Houston
Executive Women International (EWI) brings businesswomen together to promote collaboration, professional development, and community involvement. The organization's Houston chapter website provides a portal for members with directories and exclusive resources; it also serves as a resource for educating the community and promoting cooperation and networking.

Leaders of the chapter appreciate that they are easily able to post newsletters, events, contact information, and organizational news using the netStartEnterprise™ CMS.
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