ez10Step Process
Our proven method for rapid website development. See how we do it!
ezTask has developed a 10 step process to provide your organization with a TOTAL website solution that is second to none! Our process has evolved over 12 years and has become our base-line for website creation. We are especially pleased with step 10 which exemplifies our mission... unparalleled support... guaranteed!
ez10Step process
Step 1: Understanding your vision
Understanding your vision
Our first step is to discuss your vision, your goals, and the scope of your web project. Together we define your target audience, the overall website message and elements that will appeal to your audience.
Step 2: A review of your existing website
A review of your existing website
Next, our team evaluates your existing web content and navigational structure. We explore the options that will best present your web content and optimize the visitor’s experience.
Step 3: Creating your unique design
Creating your unique design
At this step we review the required design elements that will make your website unique to your organization i.e. logos, emblems, graphics and photographs. We review your color preferences, slogans, taglines, desired features and any additional materials to incorporate into the design.
Step 4: Presenting your design
Presenting your design
Our design team then develops a set of mock-ups of your new website to demonstrate your unique design, colors, functionality and ultimately, your vision.
Step 5: Your approval
Your approval
The design mock-ups are made available for your review via the Internet or email. At this stage you can request that adjustments be made to your design. When you are satisfied with the designs, and we have your approval, we get to work building your project.
Step 6: Building Process and Project Installation
Building Process and Project Installation
At this stage our development team begins creating custom templates to accommodate the approved design. Then we install the project on our web servers to test the completed project and to begin training your staff.
Step 7: Training
Our training is conducted online or onsite based on your specific needs. Your staff is trained using YOUR web project. This allows our trainers to focus on the exact skills needed for your staff to maintain YOUR new website.
Step 8: Content Migration
Content Migration
We offer full turn-key migration services, or we can move a only portion of your content to your new site and then train your staff to migrate the remaining content.
Step 9: Final review - Go live!!
Final review - Go live!!
Upon completion of the migration phase you complete a final review for quality assurance. Once approved, your project is moved to the production servers and configured to go live!
Step 10: Six Month Project Review
Six Month Project Review
Our final step is a six month review of your web project. Our support staff contacts you to review your web project, to assure that your vision is intact, and to make sure you have the tools and know how to get the job done. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled support… and we guarantee it!
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