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Dale Hansen Football Classic
Waxahachie ISD boasts a rich athletic tradition, and the district wanted an easy-to-update website by which to promote its annual football championship. Through the custom netStartEnterprise™ event website, the district promotes official merchandise and tickets which support scholarships granted to two deserving participants from each of the six campuses represented in the competition.

Hosted by Waxahachie ISD in conjunction with the City of Waxahachie, the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, and also the Waxahachie Convention and Visitor's Bureau, the Dale Hansen Football Classic is a real community affair.

Klein ISD
Klein ISD uses its Intranet to post extensive curriculum materials and TEKS-related documentation, but its network had grown so large over time that navigation and general usability began to suffer. The solution for the district was to migrate the content of the Intranet site into a new netStartEnterprise™ format, complete with custom design and application integration. The district implemented the new Intranet to an overwhelmingly positive reception within the district.

Klein first contracted with ezTask for user licenses allowing 1,000 district educators to begin developing their classroom websites with the netStartClass™ CMS, and enthusiasm for the project from the teachers involved led the district to acquire another 1,400 licenses --that is-- enough for every teacher in the district to have his or her own classroom portal!

Region 17 Education Service Center
Serving as intermediaries between the districts and TEA headquarters, Education Service Centers (ESC's) must provide technical support to school districts in addition to facilitating and conducting workshops, among numerous other responsibilities. If contact information, calendars of events, and regulatory information are kept current online, ESC's can greatly improve efficiency by eliminating time-consuming requests for basic information from the districts.

Region 17 takes full of advantage of its netStartEnterprise™ website, making available everything from automatically-updated directories (utilizing ezTask's LDAP connectivity feature) to workshop and weekly schedules, job postings, and details regarding various ESC-provided services.

Montgomery ISD
Montgomery Independent School District (MISD) provides a comprehensive district website as a resource to personnel, parents, students, and the community, as well as classroom and campus websites to provide more specific information. The website houses everything from library catalogs to parent and student handbooks, applications, and forms.

Powered by the easy-to-use netStartEnterprise™ CMS, even technically inexperienced staff and teachers are easily able to keep web content dynamic.

Region 4 Education Service Center
ESC Region 4 maintains one of the largest ESC websites in Texas, from which it operates a number of important databased applications, such as an employment application and a workshop catalog application. The problem the service center faced was in basic content management, because many departments did not have personnel with the requisite skills for posting new content to the web server via FTP.

The netStartEnterprise™ Content Management System (CMS) was the solution, enabling people with only basic computer skills from every department to begin managing their own content without need of a webmaster.

Leander ISD
Leander Independent School District (LISD) implemented netStartEnterprise™ district and campus websites to help connect parents, students, and the community to its schools. Over time, the administration of Leander ISD determined it needed a way to enable its teachers to use the Internet more effectively as a medium for connecting parents to the classroom.

Leander chose netStartClass™ because it is fast to implement, easy for teachers to use, and the most cost-effective solution available. Over 1,200 teachers across the 25 campuses of Leander ISD have been using netStartClass™ for their classroom websites since August 2003.

Stafford MSD
Stafford Municipal School District (SMSD) needed a centralized information hub for use by parents, teachers, district personnel, and the entire community. Using the netStartEnterprise™ CMS, the ease with which any member of the district's staff is able to manage web content makes maintaining an online, dynamic resource possible.

The district manages schedules, forms, handbooks and a variety of web applications with ease -- all from one handsome website.

In addition to a netStartEnterprise™ website, ezTask created a new, custom web app for the Afterschool Zone, a Harris County Department of Education/CASE project. ezTask has had a long relationship with the Afterschool Zone, and it developed an easy-to-update, next generation web application for managing after school programs. The application allows vendors to connect with program providers and for families to search for available after school programming for their children.

Palestine ISD
Palestine ISD went from struggling to maintain a basic web presence to boasting a dynamic web resource when it implemented the netStartEnterprise™ CMS for its district and campus websites. The response from staff and the community was so positive that the district soon developed teacher websites as well using ezTask's netStartClass™ product.

The website now serves as an invaluable communication tool between schools and parents, and the community is able to stay connected with online schedules, photo galleries, and news updates.

Education Service Center Region 8
The administration at ESC Region 8, located in Mount Pleasant, Texas, wanted to redesign its website to build a more up-to-date and sophisticated web presence. It was also interested in a solution that would allow content management to be distributed among departmental personnel instead of having all changes and updates going through a single webmaster, as had previously been the case.

After soliciting public bids for the makeover and migration, Region 8 selected ezTask and its powerful, easy-to-use netStartEnterprise™ CMS.

Region 4's Alternative Certification Program
Education Service Center Region 4 has rolled out a new netStartEnterprise website dedicated entirely to its Alternative Certification Program. At this site visitors can find a vast array of information on certifications, trainings, testing and workshops for teachers and all levels of district administrators. The website also has extensive information for foreign teachers seeking certification to teach in Texas.
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